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We probably slow clap to Chrissy Teigen’s responses to Twitter trolls at least once a day.

As much as we love celebs’ accessibility on social media, it opens up the door to a slew of criticisms and unnecessary comments from people who have nothing better to do with their time.

The unfair hate actually caused Chrissy Teigen to make her account private back in October. She has since made her account public again, and calls out haters like it’s her job.

Her most recent clapback is in response to pregnancy rumors on Twitter. On the red carpet of last Sunday’s SAG Awards, Chrissy mentioned that “a little boy is next for sure”, when it came to a question about her future children.

Because people have no chill, this created a tweet storm of speculation about if Chrissy is pregnant and why she is choosing the sex of the baby. Ahhh, creating false pregnancy rumors/questioning a woman’s reproductive choices. How refreshing.

In response, Chrissy tweeted:



On top of that, Teigen had some choice words for one particularly ignorant hater.


Bye, Linda.

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