Chrissy Teigen really cares, don’t you?

In her latest cover story for Vogue, the multi-talented model/cookbook author/makeup guru admitted that yes, she truly does care what you think. Chrissy told the magazine,

“Much stronger people are like ‘I don’t care what you think.’ I genuinely do care.”

She added,

“I think it’s funny when people are like, ‘I love how you just don’t give a fuck.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God. I give so many fucks.’ I want to be liked.”

Girl, I feel you! I know everyone wants to be that girl — the girl who’s too cool for school and doesn’t give a damn what you think. But that will never be me. Or Chrissy, apparently.

Chrissy is the first to admit that she keeps up with the headlines about her and her friends and reads Instagram comments.

“I’ll read a thousand of the sweetest comments—‘You have the cutest family, I love your book’—and then one person is like, ‘You look like the Bride of Chucky’ and I’ll be like, ‘Oh my God, @paulh7114620 thinks I look like Chucky.'”

But caring what people think (and admitting it!) is actually what makes Chrissy a total badass. Imagine: you truly give a shit what people think about you and yet you’re still willing to be your honest, true self. Chrissy says whatever the hell she wants on Twitter, posts hilarious pics to Instagram, and seems genuinely himself at all times. And she does this despite how much she wants to be liked.

We’re so used to celebrities only showing us such a curated version of their lives — their social media accounts are run by experts and they use photoshop and filters to perfect their images. I’m not saying this isn’t true for Chrissy (I’m sure she has a team and stills debates what to and what not to post on Instagram). But at least she’s willing to admit it. And even better, she doesn’t stop it from holding her back.

I don’t blame anyone in the public eye who wants to only put their best face forward online and in the media. I can’t imagine the amount of criticism they must be under at all times. But it’s those genuine moments that really makes us fall in love with them. That’s why so many people, myself included, love Chrissy. With her, there are always more genuine moments than there are manufactured ones.

Chrissy’s attitude is really part of a much larger trend among celebs in our generation. There used to be this expectation that you had to be perfect (think Beyoncé). But now there are amazing women like Demi and Selena and Chrissy who are willing to share their ups and downs with us, who are willing to be real with us.

So yeah, Chrissy truly cares what you think. And funnily enough, that’s exactly what makes her so damn loveable.


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