Chrissy Teigen has ignited an entire twitter war in the course of a single tweet.

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Chrissy Teigen has ignited an entire twitter war in the course of a single tweet.

What started with a complaint over her “oriental salad dressing” has now become a large-scale discussion over whether or not the word oriental is offensive.

The whole thing started a little over 17 hours ago with the model tweeting out

“I really really really really clearly am not a PC type of gal but I’m a little weirded out at the oriental dressing option on my flight.”

Since then she has received constant flack from twitter users over whether or not she should be officially offended by the term — which she’s not by the way.

She followed up by writing, “Not offensive, really. Just weird. Old school. Just say Asian.”

And that’s where things started going downwards. Since then, she’s continued to tweet and respond to readers who find her lenience on the topic inappropriate. Our favorite tweets include:
“I really appreciate all the non-Asians telling me what is offensive to Asians, though. Thank you. Writing it all down.”
“Do I think saying “oriental” is inappropriate? Yes. Laughable and ignorant. Am I OFFENDED when I hear it? No.”
@goddessUrja so your objective here is to get me to stop speaking on what is an “Asian issue” because i don’t speak on “Asian issues”?”
We can’t tell who’s madder at this point – Chrissy or the twitter mob. But Chrissy doesn’t seem to be letting the haters faze her. She knows where she stands on the issue and she’s not going to let a bunch of randos get in her way. Claps for Chrissy!

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