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Who doesn’t like flying in the utmost comfort?

If I’m going to be on a plane for more than 30 seconds, I must have comfortable bottoms on. I mean the thought of having jeans squeeze up against my belly and legs for the duration of a flight is just a crime.

Plus if I’m wearing buttoned pants, there’s a good chance I’m unzipping those bad boys before we hit cruising altitude. I think that should be more frowned upon than leggings.

So if you need something comfortable to wear on your next flight, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to get leggings that won’t drain your wallet.

Here are the contenders:

1. Target
Honestly the store of the gods.

2. T.J. Maxx/Marshalls
You can find so many brands and styles here, it’s just downright glorious.

3. Amazon
And with that Amazon Prime hookup, you don’t even have to get out of bed.

4. Victoria’s Secret
Okay these are more of a splurge, but you can treat yourself to fancypants leggings every now and then.

5. Zappos
Free ? Shipping ? Free ? Returns ?

6. Walmart
Tbh some of my favorite activewear is from Walmart.

7. Costco
Don’t forget to grab a pair of leggings as you nonchalantly pass the samples table for the fifth time.

8. Primark
Although just making its appearance in the US, you can get some basic leggings for a low cost at this British delight.

9. Kohl’s

10. Aerie
Especially when you can find a good sale, you’ll be ballin’ on a budget.

With many of these retailers, you can order online, no flying required! Well, the leggings might have to fly on a plane to get here. So leggings ARE allowed on planes? I’m confused.

What are your favorite go-to stores for leggings?

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