corinne olympios clothing line
source: Riot Society

Corinne Olympios of The Bachelor fame is certainly doing well for herself, even after the show.

It’s no secret that many Bachelor contestants partner up with companies for endorsement deals and product placements after their time in the limelight, but Corinne took it a step further. She now has her own clothing line.

corinne olympios
source: Riot Society

We have a special place in our hearts for Corinne, but the clothing line is a bit much. Featuring tees and tanks with notorious Corinne sayings, the line is kind of corny (excuse the pun). With phrases like Team Corn, I Need a Raquel, and Make America Corinne Again, we’re wondering who is actually buying this stuff.

But hey, she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Fellow contestant Jasmine G. models some of the clothing on Riot Society’s website, the company that is putting out the line. If you’re interested, the merchandise is actually fairly affordable, with shirts costing around $22-26.

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