This is so sweet!

source: Facebook

Oh my god, this is so sweet!

According to MEOW Cat Rescue, one anonymous woman truly became the guardian angel for the senior kitties in their shelter.

The rescue took to Facebook to report on the incident. They wrote,

“Angels walk among us. On Friday, something very special happened. A kind woman visited our shelter. Still mourning the loss of her beloved cat, she wanted to do something special in honor of her Saffron. She became a Guardian Angel for every adult cat in the shelter. Every beautiful one of them. A Guardian Angel is someone who pre-pays the adoption fee for a cat…which means that there will be no fee at the time of the adoption.”

source: Facebook

That is so wonderful! We hope these cats are able to find forever homes this winter.

Make sure you check out your local shelter to find your next furry friend. Remember, adopt don’t shop!

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