Let’s be real, being a new popstar is HARD.

source: Instagram

Daya is latest popstar to hit the radio waves, with her hit songs “Sit Still, Look Pretty” and “Don’t Let Me Down” playing literally everywhere.

But Daya is just 18-years-old and it turns out fame is, well, hard!

Speaking with Bustle, she explains,

“It’s a little scary, to be honest. What scares me is just the fact that I’m always exposed. I feel like someone has a camera on me at all times. You’re definitely more self-reflective when there are so many cameras on you all the time.”

She adds,

“I really have to watch what I do and how I act, not that I’m gonna go and rob a bank or anything like that. Sometimes it gets a little too crazy when it’s just one thing after another, like I can’t handle it anymore. It’s so different from the life that I came from. I was just a junior in high school when all this happened.”

We can’t imagine being in high school and suddenly being in the public eye — it must be so intense!

Daya may be new to the scene, but she’s clearly handling it in stride. We love her honesty and hope she continues to keep it real.

She says,

“I’m just happy I have so many fans that love my music and relate to it. I hope that continues for the rest of my life.”

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