Demi is officially open to love — with anyone!

It was only recently that the media speculated Demi Lovato could be bisexual (especially after being photographed holding hands with another woman). But now she’s officially come out as fluid. So what does that mean, exactly? Let me explain.

Someone who is bisexual is attracted to two genders (hence the “bi”). They’re interested in dating men and women (often, but not limited to, cisgender men and woman).

But as we all know by now, there are not just two genders. There’s a range of genders including gender neutral, gender fluid, MTF transgender, FTM transgender, and more.

So someone who’s sexually fluid is open to finding love with any human, regardless of their gender identity. As we say, “love is love.” It’s about finding a connection with another human and falling in love with their soul.

Demi is among a growing number celebs who are coming out as fluid. Others include Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, Lily Rose Depp, and possibly Sia.