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Demi Lovato is the voice of Smurfette in the new Smurfs movie and it’s unlike any role she’s taken on before. She recently dished about why it was so important for her to portray Smurfette.

If you’ve ever seen the Smurfs, you know that it’s a pretty male-heavy series. In fact, Smurfette is often the only female in a square mile radius! Which is why Lovato knew she had to take her part seriously. After all, so many young girls were going to see this movie. What did she want them to take away from it.

Speaking with Us she said,

“Times are changing and I think that’s what people want to see. I love that this generation is going to grow up knowing you can be a strong, independent woman. I also think story-wise, this is something that hasn’t been done, so now we’re doing it.”

So cool!

She added,

“So I wanted her to be seen as a confident young woman. She’s very independent. She wanted to go on this journey by herself.”

We love that Demi always seems to know the power of her influence and to take her job as role model very seriously.

In addition to promoting Smurfs, she just came out with a new single that, while already a hit, has received criticism from fans over its likeness to Justin Bieber.


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