Her brush with death left her completely shaken.

drew barrymore
source: Instagram

Drew Barrymore has been busy filming her Netflix original series Santa Clarita Diet, but filming had to come to a halt when the actress faced a near-death experience.

While doing a scene, Barrymore had to jump on a man’s back. Unfortunately the actress slipped, fell, and smashed her head on concrete, leaving her with a concussion.

Says Barrymore, “It was f–king terrifying…it was very serious. I’ve never had a feeling like that in my life”.

Barrymore is okay now, but her brush with death left her and the rest of the cast and crew shaken.

Santa Clarita Diet is about a real estate agent (Barrymore) whose life takes a dramatic turn when she starts feeding on human flesh. The show kept the plot relatively under-wraps until just about before the first season premiered.

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