Oh yeah, and his talent. That too.

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Let’s talk about abs. More specifically, Dancing With the Stars contestant Nyle DiMarco‘s abs. Oh yeah, and his talent. That too.

We originally met Nyle as the first deaf contestant on America’s Next Top Model. He pretty much rocked every photo shoot because he’s gorgeous and talented and also has those abs.

Of course he ended up winning the show- the last season in fact ( R.I.P ANTM). And that should have been it for him. Most Top Model contestants fall into oblivion and we never see them again.

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But he quickly hopped over to Freeform show Switched at Birth, which he was on just long enough to take his shirt off and make out with Vanessa Marano.

And now he is absolutely killing it as a contestant on DWTS. So much so that he may or may not have gotten a bit cocky.

The other day in rehearsals, footage showed him saying:

“I think my competition right now is Val. It’s not the celebrities—I’m looking at Val because I don’t really necessarily see them being better than me.

I’m just feeling confident.”

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We love the confidence, but let’s make sure to keep it in check, Nyle.

But in all seriousness, abs or no abs, cockiness or no cockiness, Nyle is a truly talented guy and we love how he’s bringing deaf culture to the mainstream.

Unfortunately there are so few deaf celebs for millennials to look up to (hey, Marlee Matlin is literally the bomb, but we doubt 12 year olds are watching Children of a Lesser God on demand).

We’re glad to see Nyle making some waves and doing it with style. Keep doing you, Nyle!


Credit: Instagram


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