Because who needs to wait around for the good roles anymore?

Emilia Clarke is so over the gender role disparities in Hollywood. After realizing that there were limited roles for strong females, she decided to take things into her own hands and now she’s writing a comedy screenplay with her best friend.

She told The Wrap, “So [me and Lola are] looking at the landscape today and we went, ‘Where is it? Where is that movie?’ So it was like, ‘Let’s make it! Let’s just write it, let’s just do that.'”


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And while things are generally getting better for female characters, there’s still a lot of change that needs to be done according to Emilia.

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“There’s a bunch of scripts I read and went, ‘You could just make that character a woman, and in making her a woman, you don’t even have to change anything else. You just write Sally instead of Simon, and boom! It’s the same.'”

We totally agree! But we love that Emilia isn’t waiting around for the ideal parts to come to her. We can’t wait to see what comedic gold she has in store for us!


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