It’s been a long labor of love.

In case you haven’t heard, Equal Means Equal is the new documentary bringing gender inequality to the forefront. It’s been a long labor of love by the film’s director Kamala Lopez and now she’s opening up about the process.

Kamala first started working on the film seven years ago. She wanted it to truly cover all areas of discrimination that women face in America so the film tackles 10 different topics.

Originally, the film was seven and a half hours long due to all the information the team gathered. So 26 facets of discrimination was cut down to 10.

“I didn’t want there to be any room for any sort of argument on the factual points that I’m bringing to the fore. I think it’s very important that we all get on the same page,” Kamala explained to IndieWire.

And while Kamala has been facing some backlash over her so-called “feminist agenda,” the director says there’s nothing fishy about her point of view.

“This is not my opinion. This is not some sort of fad. This is not some sort of feminist agenda. These are simply facts. And they are presented together in a way that you can see the overall pattern that’s created and that is discriminating against women on a massive scale.”

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