Ready to fight injustice? Because it’s time you finally know your worth. Let Gina Rodriguez show you how.

The most infamous stat about gender pay inequality is that women earn 77 cents per every dollar a man makes. But that only applies to white women. For WOC, the pay only decreases. The most significant wage gap is for Latinas specifically.

So what can you do to change your personal circumstance? According to the Jane the Virgin actress, the first step is to understand what you have to offer to the company. She explained to Bustle,

“If you are capable of doing a job, there is no reason why you should get paid any less than anyone else doing the exact same job. I am a believer of positivity and creating solutions, so I do believe that any issue you want to champion, and specifically equal pay, is about understanding your self-worth. It’s about creating a foundation of education, of morality, of integrity, and of confidence … Because if you love yourself, you can love and champion just about anything.”

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Step two? Change the way you think about pay.

Unfortunately, so many women still think that if they work hard and do great work, they’ll get compensated accordingly. That’s how it works, right? Wrong. Don’t just settle for what your company is willing to shell out and then think “you’re lucky” for what you got. As Rodriguez says,

“There is a strength in saying, ‘But I do know what I deserve.’”

And finally step three: start talking. While speaking out about your salary is still taboo, it’s time to break down the barriers.

“I think conversations of this sort start to break down the social constructs that have stopped us from going after our dreams and stopped us from understanding that equality and equal pay should have been a standard many, many years ago.”

Are you ready to go out and get equal pay?


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