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I love it when I see celebs or brands trying to use their platform for good.

While Trump is trying to get even more money for the 1%, these successful brands are actually using their wealth to help others.

We previously covered small, indie brands that donate their proceeds to charity, but it’s time we talk about name brands that have started their own initiatives — brands like Nike, Tiffany & Co and more have found causes to dedicate their time, money, and resources to make a difference in the world. Here are just a few brands impressing us these days.


Nike is estimated to be worth nearly $16 billion and they’ve decided to put that money to a variety of efforts. Their Community Impact program gives grants to local organizations, partners with schools in Oregon to increase graduation rates, and works with Native American youth to get them active.

But perhaps most notable is the Nike co-founder himself Phil Knight, who announced a plan last year to donate nearly all of his $125 billion fortunate to charity. So far, he’s followed through on that promise by creating a fellowship program at Stanford University for “global leaders” dedicated to climate, change, poverty, and disease. He’s also donated $100 million to cancer research and $125 million to cardiovascular research.

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung is perhaps one of my favorite activist designers. Not only has he become a huge advocate for body representation in fashion, but he’s also committed his time and money to Planned Parenthood via his fall collection. His newest project? His spring 2018 collection “Stronger in Colour,” which promotes “a world that is free of bias, free of prejudice.” Proceeds go straight to the ACLU.


What? You didn’t think we could have a list without FEED on it, did you? The brand was notoriously started with the purpose of “feeding the world” and donates nutritious meals with every purchase. Their goodwill extends to all aspects of the business by using environmentally-friendly materials and committing to fair-labor conditions.


The Reformation was built on the notion of sustainable fashion — a worthy goal considering that the fashion industry will have consumed 1/4 of the world’s annual carbon budget by 2050.

In addition to using sustainable fabrics, they also give all staff members one paid day off a month to volunteer. And in 2015 they took things to a new level. The company started the RefRecycle Program: with every purchase, Reformation gives you a box and prepaid return label so you can send your used clothing back to them to recycle. You can then track your clothes to see where they end up.

Tiffany & Co.

The famed jewelry company has started the #KnotMyPlante initiative in order to bring attention to the Elephant Fund Crisis and end elephant poaching and the use of ivory. With the help of celebs like Janelle Monae, Zoe Kravitz, and Elle Fanning, Tiffany & CO. has already raised millions. They also released their Save the Wild collection, for which 100% of proceeds go straight to the cause.

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