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The new book that everyone is talking about Feminist Fight Club is all about workplace sexism. NY Times writer Jessica Bennett completely reworks the topic and brings us new words like “bropropiators” to teach women how to survive in the office.

Talking with The Globe and Mail, Jessica explained her inspiration for the book.

“With the subtle sexism today, it’s easy to turn inward and question whether you’re crazy or imagining it. What we see today – a guy interrupting you in a meeting, or the internal self-doubt women face – is a systemic problem, not an individual one. It’s a product of years of not being in power.”

She explains that sexism is a particularly difficult topic to navigate because modern day men often don’t realize they’re doing anything wrong.

“Unless somebody calls you out, you’re unlikely to recognize it.”

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The book is not only a manifesto but a helpful reassurance to women that they should not be experiencing imposter syndrome. For those of you who missed the memo, imposter syndrome is when people feel they are “frauds” in their workplace and don’t deserve to be where they are in their careers.

“Women don’t feel imposter syndrome at home but they feel it in the workplace because they haven’t traditionally been there. Maybe some day we’ll get to a place where women will feel imposter syndrome at home, because they aren’t used to being there.”

Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survivor Manual is available in book stores everywhere.

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