pregnant trump condoms

Right now most women with insurance get their birth control for free. But that could all change if the GOP gets its why with the healthcare bill.

But the organization Futerra is not about to let that happen. The group has started a campaign to help women, both democrat and republicans, to stand up for their reproductive rights. As the website shrewdly points out:

“This is not a partisan issue. A majority of Americans agree: We can’t afford to lose control. We must keep birth control co-pay free.”

And the Keep BC Free campaign is giving you the tools to do just that. On their website, you can find shareable infographics as well as a “town hall toolkit” to help you speak with your representatives.

And that’s not all. The org has been handing out super cheeky condoms featuring an extremely pregnant Donald Trump (we’re guessing he’s in his third trimester) with the words:

“Get rid of copay free birth control? Would he feel the same way if he could pregnant?”

YAS! Truth.

So far, they’ve passed out the Trump condoms in front of Trump tower and the Capitol building. Brilliant!

99 percent of women in the U.S. use one or more forms of birth control in their lifetime. This is not just a Democrat issue or a Republican one. If you want to get involved, head to Keep BC Free’s website here to learn more.

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