Gabby has been through a lot but she always manages to come out on top.

It seems like yesterday Gabby Douglas was amazing the public with her crazy moves on the mat and wowing the judges with her talent. But four years have passed since the summer olympics of 2012 made Gabby a household name. The pint-sized gymnast recently reflected on her journey thus far and what it’s like being in the public eye.

While Gabby is clearly one of the best gymnasts in the world, let alone on the U.S. team, she didn’t always have so much confidence in herself. Talking with Teen Vogue, she admitted,

“It took a long time for me to see my own potential — a long time. Finally something clicked and I knew I could be one of the best. It was a game changer. Now I’m like, ‘I am going for this. I’m going for it all.’”

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Credit: Instagram

Luckily Gabby’s confidence hit at just the right time and she more than excelled at the last olympics. Since then, she’s had all eyes on her. And while most of the attention was positive, the gymnast unfortunately wasn’t immune to a few nasty internet trolls.

“It was very tough. Sometimes I would be in the bathroom, bawling my eyes out, wanting to quit. I felt like I was all alone. But when I came through it, I felt as if I could overcome anything.””

Gabby has truly impressed everyone with her talent, dedication, and of course, her amazing personality. We’re so proud of what she’s accomplished this far and know she’s going to be fantastic in Rio (no pressure!). Go Gabby!

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