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Everyone is spilling the beans on the Gilmore Girls revival. See what the cast has to say below

liza weil

Speaking with Yahoo! Weil said,

I had the best time going back, and I did not realize how much I missed being Paris again. [Executive producers] Amy [Sherman-Palladino] and Dan [Palladino] really outdid themselves in terms of what they came up with for Paris.”

She added that she thinks the fans will be really pleased, despite all the anticipation.

“I think people are going to be really, really happy with the world they’ve been able to create. It’s all there, it’s all intact, it’s wonderful to be able to catch up with what those people are like now. And yeah, I’m very much looking forward to seeing it as well.”

YES! We literally can’t wait any longer! November 25th can’t come soon enough.

Liza has been busy since finishing Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life as Bonnie on How to Get Away with Murder alongside Viola Davis.

milo ventimiglia

Jess, uh, we mean Milo Ventimiglia, recently opened up about to E! what it was like to return to the set and play Rory’s badass ex boyfriend again on the Gilmore Girls revival.

“It’s interesting stepping away from a character and then going back to them. There’s something about Jess that I always appreciated. It was at the very end that I thought for whatever angst, whatever broken spirit, whatever sly behavior he had, who he was at his core was a very, very good guy. I think that started to emerge as time went on.

We got to the end of his existence on the show, you see him—he’s not there for himself, to entertain himself, he’s there to ask Rory real questions to get her thinking. I always respected that about the character.”

[Tweet “”He grew up and he turned into a really decent guy.” -Milo Ventimiglia on Gilmore Girls’ Jess”]

Additionally, Milo discusses how Jess has changed since you last saw him.

“He grew up and he turned into a really decent guy. In terms of what are the lessons he went through, I think he had to have life lived. I think he had to experience heartbreak, he had to experience happiness, he had to experience all these things that we all come across in life, but we can only measure the scale of them when we have time.

You’re different from when you’re 25 to when you’re 35. You’re different at 21 to 25. Everything changes. You can’t unwatch things, you can’t unhear things, you can’t untaste foods or moments. I think who Jess turned out to be was just—he got to experience life and I think he became a really cool young guy.”

We are SO excited. Having been Team Jess since the beginning, we can’t wait to see what Milo has in store for us next.

Although Milo is rumored to have a small role, he says that he was in for the revival no matter what his part was.

“I stayed very, very close to Dan (Palladino) and Amy (Sherman-Palladino). They’re family to me. When they actually called and said, ‘Hey Mi, we’re going to do this,’ I said, ‘Great, I don’t care where I am, I could be in Tunisia, feeding f—king seals. I will show up.'”

Oh, Milo!

lauren graham

Lauren Graham recently chatted with both Glamour and People and told all.

First things first: the Carole King song “Where You Lead” will thankfully remain the theme song. Phew! There was a lot of speculation that the song “You’ve Got a Friend” would replace it. Especially after the title of the revival was supposed to be Gilmore Girls: Seasons, which has now changed to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. (You know, because of the lyrics “winter spring summer and fall, all you have to do is call,” and all that.)

[Tweet “”It was everything I wanted it to be and more,” – Lauren Graham”]

More importantly, the mini-series isn’t going to pretend to pick up where it left off. Thank goodness!

“It’s real time. I’m not trying to pretend I’m 34 anymore. We are where we are, and all this time has passed. [It] picks up in iconic places for these three women. Of course, with the loss of Ed Herrmann, that is a major plot that everyone is dealing with in their own way. So [for] Kelly [Bishop], [it’s] how to move on, [and for] Lorelai, [it’s about] losing a parent. I think it gives the show a depth and a kind of grown-up-ness that is appropriate,” she said.

As for the final product, Lauren promises we will not be disappointed.

“I relished it, and I’m ruined for life because there’s no more perfect fit I feel like for me than that writing and that show. I’m so glad I got to do it again. I just can’t even explain it. It was everything I wanted it to be and more.”

She added, “Those long scenes and long speeches, that kind of banter – I was born in the wrong era!”

While Netflix has yet to announce the premiere date for the Gilmore Girls revival, rumor has it that Amy Sherman-Palladino and Alexis Bledel will reveal the date on July 27th. The pair are set to appear at the Television Critics Association Press Tour. Here’s to hoping!

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