Gordon gets real on his passion for helping prisoners on the inside

Gordon Ramsay may seem like a hard ass on TV, but secretly he has a gigantic heart. The chef talked about his involvement in helping prisoners prepare for release during his Reddit AMA.

Gordon wrote:

So going into the prisons and working with offenders that regret what they’ve done, I’m a firm believer that everyone deserves a second chance.

I went in and set up a documentary called Bad Boy Bakery, where we created a bakery on the inside to sell on the outside. Because, these offenders need to come back out into society better equipped, more suitable, more confident, and perhaps even higher skilled than when they went in there in the first place.

So, sometimes you come across those individuals that are less fortunate than others, and they deserve that second chance.

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Credit: Instagram

Bad Boy Bakery was formed back in 2012 when Gordon entered Brixton Prison in the U.K and stayed for six months to help train the inmates. The Bakery is still successfully runs today and sticks to the mission to “help people with convictions improve their skills and reintegrate them into society and employment.”

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Gordon even offered one of the inmates a job, whom he plans on following through with once he gets out.

We love that Gordon donates his time that way and was able to get right in and work with the incarcerated men.

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