As cheesy as it sounds, the children really our are future — especially since we can no longer count on the adults.

And that’s why young women like Yara Shahidi are stepping up. The girl
is not your typical teen Hollywood royalty. She’s a fierce advocate, feminist, and a smartie pants (she’s attending Harvard after a gap year. Michelle Obama even wrote her college recommendation.)

Yara already has big plans for her future, but it seems like the adults still aren’t catching on. She recently

“I remember being at the White House and somebody asked me what I wanted to do. I said that I wanted to be a thought leader and she just kinda chuckled and said, ‘You need credentials for that.'”

She added,

“I come from such strong support; I come from the land of ‘of course’. Like, ‘of course this is going to happen’ because we have willed it to be and we are going to put in the work to make it happen.”

Damn straight! And the proof is readily available with girls like Emma Gonzalez and Lauren Hogg on the frontlines, making things happen in the fight for gun control with the March for Our Lives next month.

And even with all the horrible shit that’s gone down since Trump was elected, Yara is grateful that both she and all of her friends are politically fired up.

“I think, oddly, it’s exciting because I don’t think that I would look forward to voting as much if there hadn’t been so much duress happening. It has made life less self-centric, it’s more about community now.”

That seems to be the (only) silver lining that many are taking away from this situation – more people than ever are paying attention, organizing, and taking action. There are even more women running for office.

So if anyone is going to take down Trump, it’s going to be Yara Shahidi, Rowan Blanchard, Emma Gonzalez, and all the other amazing millennial activist who are making shit happen. Watch your back, you orange cheetoh.


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