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With the finale of Girls in the past, HBO is ready to move on — to Brown Girls!

HBO has officially signed a deal with Fatimah Asghar and Sam Bailey to adapt their web series Brown Girls for television (which is not unlike how Broad City got its start). Brown Girls follows Leila, a Pakistani-American queer writer, and Patricia, a black female musician as they try to make their way in Chicago. It first premiered on back in February and has already gone viral.

The show aims to normalize women of color and particularly queer woman of color. When they pitched the series to HBO, they wanted to focus on the fact that these women “were resourcefully fly,” as Fatimah puts it.

She added,

“The web series is a small, small slice into the potential of the show. I want [the TV show] to be very Chicago-focused and queer folks of color–focused. And to have women of color and queer people of color be the protagonists and the antagonists in their own story. That’s very important to me. I want to grow the show and make it more complicated and more nuanced. Tonally, we’re trying to carry over the balance between comedy and those serious, weighted moments. The people of Brown Girls are not caricatures.”

The entire cast of Brown Girls is people of color and the creators wanted to focus on creating multi-dimensional characters that folks could relate to.

“Representation is so complicated. I don’t want us to be one single voice on these issues. It’s hard to be one of the only folks of color or queer folks of color because there are so many stories. It’s so important to get those stories out there to show a wide myriad of experience.”

HBO show Girls received a ton of critique for focusing only on white, middle-class women of privilege (ahem, Lena Dunham) so this will be a nice change of pace.

The show is still in the very early stages but in the meantime, you can watch the webs series here.

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