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She’s baaaaaack! Hilary Duff has been working on her comeback for some time now and our new fave lady has finally arrived!

We always knew Hilary had serious potential from her Lizzie McGuire days (which Freeform has started showing reruns of, thus cementing her new status). And her singing chops were never doubted as we’ve listened to “What Dreams Are Made of” at least 100 times.

But it’s so good to see Hilary officially back on top!

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Her current claim to fame is her starring role in Younger alongside Sutton Foster and Debi Mazer. The show quickly became a hit with the season 2 finale talked about on Refinery29EW, Variety, and every other entertainment site under the sun. The gang is already amping up for season 3.

But that doesn’t mean Hil is on a break by any means — she released her latest album Breathe In. Breath Out. last year. Her music video for the single “Sparks” has been viewed over 27 million times.

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She’s also become a fashionista in her own right. Websites and magazines comment on her styling choices and ever-changing hair color daily. Not to mention the magazine covers she’s been racking up: Glamour MexicoShape, and most recently Redbook to name a few.

Hil is on her way to the top and nobody can stop her. And why would they want to? With 9 million Facebook followers by her side, there’s no doubting that Hilary Duff is officially back, and in a very big way.

Check out the music video for “Sparks” below.

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