hillary clinton travel ban
Source: Instagram

Hillary Clinton is not happy about Donald Trump’s travel ban and his silence on recent hate crimes.

Clinton’s first tweeted about Trump’s lack of response to the recent hate crimes that have risen since he took office.

Her second tweet focused on his travel ban and how it is not to help with safety but instills fear.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has largely been taking a break from politics since the election ended so we’re glad to see her back at it again.

Since January, Clinton kept a low-profile although a few folks joked about “spotting her out in the wild.” Sightings included a hike in the woods and later at a bookstore.

While Clinton has remained out of the limelight, fellow Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has been speaking out more than ever. He was active in trying to prevent Trump’s cabinet members from getting approved, even bringing a blow-up copy of one of Trump’s tweets to the Senate floor. You can catch him actively tweeting about the issues here.

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