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Hillary Clinton ran an epic campaign for the election of 2016. Below find some of the highlights from her Stronger Together campaign.

trans love

Pearl Love, who self-identifies as an Asian Transgendered Individual, posted a video she recorded on the subway. Love  was on the way to work as an outreach social worker for Trans Latina when she was viciously and verbally attacked by a stranger.

Love later posted the video to Facebook explaining, “So now you can understand what’s happening in my everyday life. That happens all the time. But it’s my first time recording it.”

272,671 views and 1,863 shares later and Love had the attention of none other than Dem. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton herself.

Clinton responded beautiful, telling Love:

Pearl, I’m so sorry that you experienced this. The all-too-high prevalence of violence and hatred faced by the transgender community —  in 2016! —is a rebuke to all of us. Every single person deserves to be safe and live free from discrimination and cruelty, period. And transgender people need to hear from every one of us that you are loved, respected, and deserving of equality under the law. Know that you have my support, and I’m on your side.

As if we even needed any reason to love Hillary Rodham Clinton.

email investigation

After investigating Hillary Clinton’s personal emails for what felt like forever, the Department of Justice has come up with literally nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Therefor there will be no charges against the Democratic nominee.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch made the announcement on Wednesday proclaiming, “The thorough, year-long investigation be closed and that no charges be brought against any individuals within the scope of the investigation.”

This has just been the latest in frivolous investigations into the former Secretary of State that always come up empty handed. Back in the 1990s, Hillary was investigated in what became known as “Travelgate,” which involved the firing of several employees in the White House travel office. This investigation also came up with zilch.

We have to ask: when will everyone just leave Hillary alone?

endorsement of lemonade

Hillary Clinton appeared on Ellen where she gave her biggest endorsement yet: Beyonce’s Lemonade.

We already knew the two were besties, but this was the first time that Hillary spoke public ally about Bey’s work. When asked about the music video Hil’s exact words were,

“I have seen parts of it, and I do like it.”

Bam! There you have it folks. Straight from the future president’s mouth. It’s nice to know we’ll be in good hands.

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