Hils’ white suit had a lot to say.

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We all know Hillary Rodham Clinton made history last week when she became the first woman to win a majority party’s nomination for president. But did you also know she was doing it while wearing a super symbolic white suit?

Yeah, so turns out this wasn’t just another one Hils’ pantsuits. This one was a big deal. And it’s not because Ralph Lauren designed it. In fact, the designer didn’t even come forward to accept credit.

Rather, it’s because white is symbolic of the color that suffragettes wore. According to the New York Times, the suffragettes wore white because “white, the emblem of purity, symbolizes the quality of our purpose.”

source: Instagram

Not only that, but Cathleen Decker, a political analyst the LA Times noted on twitter that the first female candidate for vice president Geraldine Ferraro also wore white to the DNC to accept her nomination.

But probably most important of all, Olivia Pope wore a white suit in the first episode of season four. Although that may not have influenced Hillary as much as the whole suffragette thing.

source: ABC

Either way, we think Hillary looked completely presidential in her white suit and we love that she used history to inspire her.

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