The true story of how a father and his autistic son learned to connect is hitting the big screen

You may of have heard Owen Suskind’s story. His award-winning journalist father has shared his story: that of a young 3-year-old boy who started exhibiting symptoms of autism. Of how that boy stopped speaking for years. And how his father realized that by imitating Disney characters, sometimes through the use of puppets, he could connect with his son and get him to speak.

Owen is now 25 and through his love for Disney, he was finally able to speak to his father in a way that both of them could understand. He lives independently now and can even speak with reporters, which is good considering he now has to do red carpets!

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That’s right — Owen is the inspiration for the documentary Life, Animated, which hit theaters July 1. The film is already being hailed as a tear-jerker and is a critic favorite.

Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself.

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