Because curvy girls need fashion inspo too!

Let’s just be real: Mindy Kaling’s character on The Mindy Project had one of the most awesome wardrobes on TV right now.

But according to Mindy, that was no accident. In fact, one thing that was so important to her when she got her own show was to ensure that she showed women that curvy girls could have fun with colors and patterns too.

mindy lahiri style fashion

Speaking to Fashionista, Mindy said,

“You know, I am wearing strapless dresses and things because in any other show or movie, they would put me in a long-sleeve shift because they just don’t want to deal with [my body]. On my show, I look fabulous, I have an incredible dating life so men are responding to it, and I look beautiful. I really want to inspire women who aren’t sticks to wear bright colors, because often they don’t like their bodies or they don’t want to be looked at. The show is such a celebration of women who aren’t waifs.”

mindy kaling mindy lahiri style fashion

We love it! Mindy totally proved that you don’t have to be a stick to pull off color or patterns and we love how important it was to Mindy that her character embraced that.

She added,

“I’ll just say it: it’s easy to dress a woman who is a sample size. Fashion labels don’t always make dressing me easy, but I still think I’m the best-dressed character on TV. I just love that people can watch it and be inspired; I wish I had someone like my character to watch growing up.”



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