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Surprise! Broad City star Ilana Glazer got married! Her secret husband is longtime love David Rooklin, who she reportedly has been dating since at least 2014.

So when did the two tie the knot? According to Metro, Glazer and Rooklin said, “I do” back in February, although they’ve stayed mum ever since. In fact, the only way we know for sure that the nuptials actually went down is Instagram! A few of the couples’ friends, including comedian Phoebe Robinson, posted well wishes within the last couple weeks.

Robinson wrote,

“Belated congrats to these beautiful on getting hitched. Love you hard and deep. You’re truly #RelationshipGoals and inspire me.”


The couple apparently kept it low-key, getting married at city hall in New York City.

So what exactly do we know about Ilana Glazer’s husband? Not much. But here’s what we’ve pieced together.

  1. He’s a Feminist.

Would you expect anything less from the Broad City creator?

  1. He’s a scientist.

And he’s proud of it! He frequently posts 3D images of molecules on his Instagram account. According to The New Yorker, he does postdoctoral work at NYU.

  1. He totally gets the work Ilana is doing.

He told The New Yorker, “By going to see their live shows over the years, I’ve gotten an idea of the core facet of their movement. If you remove the divide between performer and audience, you have something else. It’s like a collaboration.”

  1. Glazer is determined to keep her life with him private.

She’s previously stated that she’s not comfortable with the media interviewing him.

  1. He loves Beyonce.

Although, really, who doesn’t?

So we know what you’re thinking: Does this mean Ilana and Abbi‘s epic love affair is over? Far from it! Broad City season 4 is set to premiere in August.

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