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We are applauding Indiana University today.

The university took a major step to increase student safety on campus.

The school initiated a new policy that bans student-athletes with a history of domestic or sexual violence from attending the Big Ten school. The school defines sexual violence as “dating violence, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault or sexual violence as defined by the Indiana University policy on sexual misconduct.”

While some schools have similar policies, IU took it a step further. Some schools bar transfer students with such pasts, whereas Indiana will also not accept incoming freshmen with records of this nature. In a society where sexual violence is still prevalent on campuses, this is a key proactive step.

Indiana’s Athletic director Fred Glass, a key player in this policy, explained,

“I think it’s new ground. My hope is that we’re leading in this area, and maybe others will follow with, maybe not the exact same policy, but one that fits their particular institutions.”

We agree. We truly hope that other universities are inspired to take similar action. Additionally, we’d love to see such policies expand from not just athletes, but to all students with a record of such behavior.

Hopefully, this policy and others like it will send messages loud and clear to sexual/violent predators. Sexual violence is unacceptable, to put it mildly. Clearly ruining someone else’s life isn’t enough to stop some people, so perhaps by damaging their own future, they might actually wake the hell up.

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