issa rae black gossip girl
credit: Issa Rae/ Instagram

Insecure creator and star Issa Rae has the best idea for a new TV show. Think black Gossip Girl.

In a short video for Affinity magazine, Issa laid out her entire concept for the show and it needs to happen asap. Basically, it would be the black version of Gossip Girl or 90210 — so, a bunch of rich black kids getting into shenanigans. Why hasn’t this happened yet?

She already has two of her major characters laid out. One named Lil’ Richie, who’s totally over being rich and wants more to life. And then there would, of course, be a slutty female character because who cares about the goodie-goodies? Even Blair Waldorf went bad season one.

It’s pretty shocking — ok, maybe not shocking, but certainly surprising — that a show like this hasn’t been made. As Rae points out,

“I don’t think since, I would say, like Moesha, have we followed the lives of black teens.”

We certainly haven’t followed the lives of well-off black teens. Let’s be real — most shows with a group of black friends feature characters from low-income backgrounds. Think Boston Public circa 2000. Can we maybe not solely have black characters on TV that fulfill stereotypes?

And sure, there have been characters here and there that don’t just check the boxes. (Recently there was a new character added to The Fosters, a wealthy black neighbor boy named Logan whom Mariana has a crush on.) But a whole show dedicated to that? Can’t think of many.

So if anyone out there has a boatload of money and is looking for a project to fund, look into Issa Rae’s Ladera Heights 90041. Make it happen, capt’n!

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