94-year-old style icon Iris Apfel is getting her own emoji board

It’s about time! 94-year-old style icon Iris Apfel is getting her own emoji board. Or, to be more accurate, she now has her own emoji board.

Iris worked with Macy’s I.N.C International Concepts to create the emojis and it sounds like she’s pretty pleased with how they turned out.

She said in a release,

“I’m a little old for emojis, and I didn’t know what they were. But everyone seems to like them, and I want everyone to have a good time. If my face makes people happy, I’m all for it.”

iris apfel emojis
source: Macy’s

The emojis are in honor of the fashionista’s 95th birthday on August 29. The emoji board was announced back in June and we’ve been waiting in anticipation ever since.

Although Iris has worked with a variety of fashion brands over the years, she was particularly excited to work with Macy’s on the project.

“Macy’s was my very first department store, and we used to always go there on shopping trips. I’ve always thought very kindly of Macy’s, and I never planned on any of this. How many 94-year-old cover girls do you know?”

iris emoji
source: Macy’s

Iris’ emoji line is currently available on both Apple iTunes and Google Play.

The style icon also has her own clothing line and is the star of an eponymous documentary. She was also previously a visiting professor at the University of Texas, Austin.


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