Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

All of our favorite iZombie characters finally got the happy endings they deserved in the series finale of the show.

After a relatively short civil war, Seattle was able to come to a peaceful place where zombies and humans could live side-by-side. Because of Ravi’s cure, humans no longer lived in fear of zombies and were ready to donate their brains.

Of course, the radical dead-enders were still somewhat active, but for the most part, America had come to a place of acceptance and cohabitation.

For the creator of the show Rob Thomas (also the man behind Veronica Mars), this is exactly how he’d like to see the real America end up. Speaking with EW, he said,

“I felt like if all of America was watching iZombie, our nation would be healed by now. Unfortunately, doing our share, that didn’t happen. But that was really what I was going for: the lessening of eternal strife in America. I don’t think we accomplished it, sadly.”

He added,

“The whole theme of iZombie was, can the middle hold? In Seattle, in zombie-controlled Seattle, the middle held. It did not give in to the extremes on either side. The middle held. That’s what I wanted to demonstrate.”

The happy-ever-after iZombie gave us is certainly aspirational. Especially in a world where it feels like both the radical right and left are only getting stronger (many have wondered if we ourselves are heading towards a civil war), the idea that a peaceful ending could still happen is just the hope we need right now.


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Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW
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