Because kids don’t need to be being gender stereotyped at 3-years-old

Jaime King is so over the whole “blue is for boy, pink is for girl” thing. And that’s why the mom of two decided to do something about it.

Launching this month, Jaime King x Gardner and the gang is entirely gender-neutral for kids and babies.

“It’s interesting how we’ve created these social norms that are incredibly stifling for our children. Our children should be allowed to express themselves however they want,” she told the AP.

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Credit: Instagram

The line is called “The Lion’s Heart” and is touting itself as the first totally gender fluid children’s clothing collection.

“I have several friends that have children that don’t identify with the bodies that they were born in and that was a big reason why I wanted to do this. And I have since received incredible messages from them thanking me for doing something that to me I felt was … my civic duty to do.”

Jaime is completely stoked about the collection and has been sharing pics on Instagram for the last few weeks. Check out a few of our favorites below:

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