Carpool karaoke, anyone?

Source: Instagram

James Corden is one of the hardest working people in show business right now.

Corden not only hosts The Late Late Show, but also flies back and forth to New York to film Ocean’s 8 and is set to host the Grammys for the first time.

Corden thankfully found time to speak to Vulture about possibly bringing his best segment carpool karaoke to the Grammys.

The truth is I’m only really in the show for something like 18 minutes. The show’s three and a half hours long, but when you take out commercials, the music performances, and the actual presenting of the awards, you’re only left with like 18 minutes. It’s difficult to find the time to do many things like that.”

So no karaokes? Bummer!

And now that Corden is hosting the Grammys, he’s not sure he’ll continue hosting the Tonys as well.

To host the Grammys and the Tonys in one year is perhaps a little greedy.”

Well we’re happy to take as much James Corden as he’s willing to dish out!


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