James watched Britney Ever After this weekend and it made him feel all the feelings.

James Corden watched Britney Ever After this weekend and it made him feel all the feelings.

Britney Spears seems to have a big fan in Corden, with whom he did a great Carpool Karaoke session back in August. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that Corden obsessively picked apart the Lifetime biopic.

Corden loved Aussie actress Natasha Bassett’s portrayal of the “Gimme More” singer, particularly when she spoke about her love for cheese puffs.

He also noted how obvious it was that the film included songs that not even Corden himself knew she had.

“As you can see from that clip, Britney Ever After was a big-budget film. In fact, they spent so much money on writers and actors, it appears that they ran out of money for getting the rights to Britney Spears’ music. Luckily, the masterminds behind the film came up with some Britney songs even Britney didn’t know existed.”

Since Spears did not give the rights to her music, she probably didn’t bother to watch it. But we loved every minute!


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