In case you don’t have cable (like most people)

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In case you don’t have cable (like most everyone), here’s everything you missed on last night’s ep of Jane the Virgin

Jane and Petra

Jane finally finds out that Petra’s twin sister posted an ad for her college essay writing services. After confronting Petra, she decides to protect her sissy and lie to Jane, “She absolutely did not do it!!”

Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of Jane and Petra’s interactions together as Petra had already invited to Jane to a Mother’s Day brunch. Awkward…

The brunch goes exactly as you’d expect until Rogelio presents the sweetest video ever of everyone telling Jane what a wonderful mommy she is. Even sweeter? Petra’s twin makes an adorable speech about what a wonderful mommy Petra is, totally topping Rogelio’s video.

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The brunch ends on a high note. Well, almost. Jane confront’s Petra again and when the two start fighting, Aneska (the twin) goes into seizure mode.

Jane quickly apologizes at the hospital and all seems well. And then Aneska decides to come clean and rat out Petra in the process. Oops!

Rafael and Derek

Rafael is all ready to start in on plans for his new hotel The Fairway. But not so fast…. Raf’s newfound bro Derek is quick to blackmail him and tells him if he doesn’t hand over the hotel he’ll spill the beans about Rafael’s illegal trading activity.

Raf confesses the entire mess to Jane, who quickly blabs to Michael, but when Petra finds out she tells him that the two of them will come up with a genius scheme to get back at Derek. Why didn’t he come to her instead of Jane in the first place?

The only problem is they aren’t taking on Derek alone. Turns out Derek is secretly working with Mutter! Uh-oh. But they don’t know that quite yet…

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Rogelio and Michael

Michael starts as Rogelio’s new “head of security” but ends up becoming more of an assistant. In an attempt to make Michael feel better, Rogelio promotes him to technical supervisor. But the power quickly goes to Michael’s head and he becomes the overdramatic one for once.

Other Highlights

  • Jane realizes she is NOT ok with her dad dating other women, but she’s working on it!
  • Xo hooks up with Rogelio’s arch nemesis (oops)
  • Aneska reveals herself to truly be the evil twin and not as innocent as she seems. But they don’t know that just yet…

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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