I am in agony. And not because Jane the Virgin is ending but because it’s fifth and final season is so bad. It’s almost painful to watch.

Season 5 started off with the return of Michael, full amnesia and all. How very telenovela, no?

Not only did Michael return, but he also stuck around, long past his welcome.

His return was intriguing… for about a second. It seemed like a fun twist that would last an episode or two, maybe three. But the plotline lasted well beyond that.

From a storytelling perspective, I understand why the writers would want Michael to return. They wanted to give the viewers some sort of closure, especially since Michael’s death was so sudden.

jane the virgin jane and michael
Jane and Michael / The CW

But Michael’s return clearly served another purpose as well: the writers wanted Jane to choose Rafael, not just end up with him because he’s the only one who happens to be alive. They want us to get our “happily ever after” and make it clear that Jane and Raf are endgame, regardless of Michael’s presence.

That’s a fine idea in theory, but in reality, it’s felt like the entire season is pure deja vu. Season 5 has basically been a repeat of the whole series and it’s getting old.

How many times can they play up this whole love triangle thing? How many times must we watch Sin Rostro meddling? It’s redundant.

It’s understandable that they would want to add an obstacle or two on the way to Rafael and Jane’s ending. But repeating the same, tired storyline feels lazy and is boring to watch.

jane the virgin season 5
Michael and Jane / The CW

They could have come up with numerous other ways to mess with Rafael and Jane’s relationship that would have been entertaining for viewers. But Michael’s return? That wasn’t one of them.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they made Michael into a nearly emotionless rancher with a personality blander than white bread. They ruined a perfectly sweet character and for what? For a terrible plotline that ended with Jane dumping him anyways?

I’ll keep watching until the end of the series because a) it’s my job and b) I’m committed at this point. But I wouldn’t be shocked if a fan or two has dropped the show.

It’s unfortunate that Jane the Virgin has to go out this way. In it’s prime, it was incredibly original, refreshing, hilarious, touching, and romantic.

Hopefully, now that Michael is gone, they can redeem the second half of the season. Time will tell.


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