Jane the Virgin has taken on so many issues ignored by other mainstream television shows and last night they went head-to-head with Donald Trump and his immigration policies.

Last night’s episode, “Chapter Sixty-One,” tackled the very real possibility of getting snatched by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), despite being in the country legally. Although Jane’s grandmother Alba has now received her green card (she was previously living in the U.S. undocumented) she still fears that she will face unfair repercussions from ICE for doing something inconsequentially.

Although Jane the Virgin never specifically mentions the Trump administration by name, they clearly reference what’s going on the country, what with random ICE raids and DREAMers getting deported. Jane encourages Alba to go and march, but Alba is afraid that ICE will take their revenge on her and revoke her green card.

By the end, Alba has decided that she must march. Although she is not a particularly political person, she feels that “with everything going on in the world,” she can no longer afford to stand idly by.

Throughout his 2016 campaign and his presidency, Trump has used ignorant stereotypes to invoke fear in many Americans. We’re so happy that Jane the Virgin used its platform to put a human face on the issue of immigration. And although Alba is obviously not a real person, she represents so many immigrants who are. There are plenty of Americans who may not personally know an immigrant (or know that they do), but Jane the Virgin brought immigrant families into their TV and their homes.

Well done, Jane.

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