Fans are legit crazy!

After the Jane the Virgin season 4 poster revealed a new actor would play Jane’s son Mateo, fans started revolting.

Using the hashtag #NotMyMateo, fans expressed their anger that Mateo was being replaced by an actor who looked nothing like the previous Mateo.

Ok, crazies, you need to chill the fuck out.

First of all, the previous Mateo is busy with school (per TVLine) and also it’s not uncommon for shows to keep a rotating cast of young actors as a character grows up on screen.

And most important of all, THE ACTOR IS FIVE! You are literally attacking a five-year-old. Yeah.

Gina Rodriguez was not too happy when she saw fans reactions and took to Twitter to say,

Since then, fans have luckily calmed down, but it’s still crazy that Gina even had to take to Twitter to squash this.

So next time you plan on attacking someone online, try to remember that they’re a real person — especially if they’re a child!

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