Who knew Jared had so many talents??

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We’re pretty sure this picture of Supernatural‘s Jared Padalecki and Jenson Ackles explains it all, but just in case it doesn’t, let us expand.

We first fell in love with Jared when Rory did on Gilmore Girls. We knew he was sweet, talented, and an all-around hunk, but that was about it (As if that wasn’t enough).

And then we started in on Supernatural. Jared again plays a rather serious character, but he plays it to perfection. And after bing-watching say, six seasons or so, we decided to move on to stalking J2 (that’s Jared and Jenson for you non-fans) on YouTube. And that’s when we realized it: Jared is freakin’ hilarious!

For example, this video of Jared busting a move:

Of course, his Instagram feed is equally as genius— definitely worthy of creeping on.

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In addition to being a mega-talented dude, Jared is also a huge advocate for folks who struggle with depression and started his own campaign “Always Keep Fighting,” which recently celebrated it’s one-year anniversary. Jared revealed his own struggles with depression to Variety in early 2015.

To continue stalking Jared on Instagram, check out his page here. To support his AKF campaign, check out his newest “Love Yourself Hoodie” here.

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