Is this really happening?!

source: Instagram

Ever since we heard whispers that there may be a Jax and Brittany spinoff from, we have been FREAKING OUT!

To be clear, the new show isn’t officially “confirmed” yet by Bravo, but it’s seeming more and more likely that this may very well possibly be maybe happening.

According to TMZ, the couple already started filming in Kentucky with Brit’s parents and will focus on her family trying to get him to settle down with her. But surprise: he’s just not that into it.

Jax himself has also been teasing fans and recently tweeted: “Who said I didn’t get a spinoff homie?”


Additionally, Heather McDonald further stirred the rumor pot after she was supposed to have Jax on her show in December but announced that he had to cancel because he was busy filming for this supposed spinoff.

We are hoping and praying this is real because clearly we don’t have enough Jax in our lives. We also hope that the couple doesn’t break up before the show airs because that would be a serious bummer.

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