Add this to the reasons we love Krysten Ritter.

Krysten Ritter is officially our new Shero! The badass star of Jessica Jones recently stood up for female superheroes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

After Stephen pointed out that Iron Man 3 recently scrapped a female villain after comic book giant Marvel told them a female wouldn’t sell enough toys, Krysten was immediately outraged — and rightfully so!

“Girls can sell toys! I don’t know if there is [a Jessica Jones toy] yet, but there should be and I bet it would sell huge, and I’m gonna make some phone calls after this.”

Damn right, girls can sell toys! [Editor’s Note: Rock Candy has since come out with a Jessica Jones figurine]

She also discussed why her character Jessica is such a killer hero for young girls to look up to.

“Jessica Jones has a very traumatic past. She is a survivor of rape and abuse. But her journey through the show is not letting that define her. Everything that’s happened to her, she still muscles through and finds her full potential and conquers the guy that abused her.”

Yes! There’s a reason that Jessica Jones has a cult following and it’s obviously not because they scrapped the female lead in favor of a male one. Who says lady superheroes can’t be just as successful as dude heroes?


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