Katy has had a busy few weeks!

source: Instagram

Katy Perry has had a busy few weeks!

After laying low for the past couple of years, the pop star is back on the radar and better than ever. First it was a new shoe line, and then she graced us with a new single and a badass Grammy performance.

Now, she’s coming out with a makeup line that is sure to please.

She’s teaming up with CoverGirl to release a mermaid-inspired collection in the spring and summer.

Says Perry in a statement to POPSUGAR, “In the next evolution of my Katy Kat line with CoverGirl, I was inspired by Spring’s upcoming mermaid and pearlescent hues…You’ll make Ariel jealous, and look better than a shimmering Easter basket when you’re done.”

We have our wallets ready.

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