Although Kendall Jenner is relatively private compared to her sisters, the model recently opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about what it was like to mourn the loss of Bruce Jenner and embrace Caitlyn.

But before Caitlyn officially transitioned, Kendall said she knew something was up.

It was like an investigation for a really long time. We would find little things and think, ‘This isn’t normal.’ For a minute, we were like, ‘Okay, is he cheating?’ And then we’d say, ‘I don’t think so.’”

She once even saw her father dressing as a woman in the middle of the night and recalled,

“My heart dropped. That’s when she would dress as herself, at four in the morning, before we would get up. So that was like, ‘Whoa,’ for a second.”

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By the time that Caitlyn finally revealed her herself to her children, Kendall already kind of knew something was up, but still it was hard to accept. It was like losing one person, but at the same time gaining another.

“When she told us and told us that it was going to be a real thing, it was an emotional couple of months. And if I would talk about it, I would cry, just because you’re mourning someone…losing someone. The person is still there, of course, but physically you’re losing someone. It was my dad who I grew up with my whole life and who raised me. It’s an adjustment, for sure. But honestly, you start to realize that this person is still alive. This person is still here. They are still a blessing. They are still awesome. I realized that I should just be thankful that I still have my dad. It starts to just become normal. You’re just like, ‘Okay, cool.’”

The entire Jenner-Kardashian clan has been exceptionally supportive of Caitlyn, although Cait and Khloe had a bit of a rough go of it for a little while.

Still, Kendall and her dad remain remarkably close and Caitlyn is the model’s biggest cheerleader to date.


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