Kendall Jenner robbed
source: Vogue

Yet another member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been burglarized!

Less than a year after sister Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, Kendall Jenner’s home was robbed of $200K worth of jewelry.

The event occurred late last night when Kendall heard a strange noise and called the police. Although they didn’t find any intruders inside the house, they did find a ton of missing jewelry from Jenner’s bedroom, according to TMZ.

There were reportedly no signs of forced entry and no suspects, but we have a feeling the police are on the case.

This past October, Kim Kardashian was famously tied up at gunpoint and had hundreds of thousands worth of jewelry stolen from her. Although it took Paris police a few months, they eventually arrested several suspects and have recently began charging the found thieves.

We’re just glad that in this case, nobody was hurt and the intruders didn’t approach Kendall. Nonetheless, we can’t imagine how traumatizing it is to know that somebody was in your house. Hopefully Kim can help Kendall get through it.

Kendall supposedly had a stalker last year, but no word yet on whether the stalker is being considered a person of interest.

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