Kylie, Kylie, Kylie. C’mon girl!

This week Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to post a mirror selfie in a very problematic dress by the brand Réalisation Par.  The dress is a floral silk mini and is called “the Emilie.”

Don’t see the problem? Perhaps it will become more clear once you read the description of the dress on Réalisation Par’s website:

“We couldn’t ring in the new year without creating a tribute dress to the Far East and all the wild times we’ve had there. From Shanghai to Tokyo we have had some of the most fun and the worst hangovers but always the best memories.”

kylie jenner cultural appropriation
credit: Kylie Jenner/ Instagram


So basically the creators had some wild times in various Asian countries, decided to group all of the cultures together, and then make a profit off of a piece inspired by another culture without actually properly crediting the inspiration. And now Kylie is wearing it so it’ll probably get even more popular.

And even if we give Kylie the benefit of the doubt that she did not, in fact, read the online description, she probably knew the reputation of the manufacturer. Réalisation Par previously got into hot water for their popular “Alexandra” dress, again for their extremely controversial online description. This time the dress was described using the following:

“Here’s what we know. Men love sundresses. We also know this point is actually pointless because we women dress for ourselves and ourselves only. But sometimes… just sometimes you need a get-out-of-jail-free card. Maybe you forgot to take the trash out or you scratched your dad’s car or maybe you were really late and you forgot to do the one thing they asked you to do. Whatever the reason, the Alexandra dress is the solution. This is the dress that makes them forget why they were even mad at you in the first place and the only thing that really matters is: If you’re bad at being good, you better be damn good at getting out of it. Trust us. You’re welcome.”

Not to mention that wearing this dress is just another example in a long line of Jenner’s offenses. She frequently appropriates black culture but continues to get away with it without ever apologizing or acknowledging the mistake.

It seriously feels like every week there is a new example of the Kardashian/Jenner family appropriating cultures, and it’s not just Kylie who’s doing it. Most recently fans came at Kendall Jenner for using a tan fist emoji, depicting a skin tone she clearly does not have. And lest we forget all the other things Kendall has done in the past year.

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