And more no-nos you’re probably doing around pregnant women.

credit: Darling magazine

If you’re thinking about reaching for Lauren Conrad’s pregnant belly, stop right now! The Hills star recently gave a list of faux paus that including reaching for pregnant women’s stomachs without asking.

LC took to her website to explain,

“Every mama I know has some story about a stranger touching her pregnant belly. When my best friend Hannah was pregnant two years ago, I was witness to this phenomenon more than once. It happens way more often than you would think! Even if you are a close friend or family member, it doesn’t hurt to ask first before making a grab for the belly. No matter what your relationship to the mama-to-be is, keep in mind that it’s much more pleasant to have someone politely ask if it is OK before groping your midsection.”

LOL! Other no-nos included asking married couples when they plan on having kids, asking someone when they are due, and commenting on the size of someone’s baby bump. Duly noted!

Conrad announced via Instagram that she was pregnant early this month and has been sharing her pregnancy journey ever since. We can’t wait to see the little cutie!

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