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Rumors of Laverne Cox and Beyoncé teaming up for a secret project have been swirling for the past few weeks. And now, it’s finally here! Laverne is modeling for Beyoncé’s athletic fashion line Ivy Park. I mean…can you name a more iconic duo? I can’t.

Laverne is a longtime Beyoncé fan and explained to Glamour how excited she was to be chosen to model the Fall 2017 line.

“I can’t even process it—girl, I still can’t. You have to slay for Beyoncé! I hope she’s happy. It’s a dream come true.”

Ivy Park’s motto for the Fall 2017 line is “Strong Beyond Measure.” When asked what this meant to her, Laverne responded,

“It’s those moments in our lives when we don’t know if we can lift more weight or do another repetition or deal with another heartache or heartbreak—but something inside us, that we didn’t know was there, gets us to that next repetition, gets us to that next date, gets us to that next thing that we want to accomplish. Strength beyond measure is when we allow ourselves to tap into something that’s bigger than us, that’s going to propel us to the next place, the next phase in our lives of excellence.”

This is Laverne’s first official fashion campaign and she couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Besides the fact that it’s Beyoncé’s line, she also liked that it comes in inclusive sizes, is great quality, and is generally a pretty affordable line with most pieces under $100.

“I get frustrated because I’m not a sample size. I’m like a size 10—an 8 on a good day—but I’m mostly a size 10. Being in Hollywood and borrowing things…a lot of things don’t always fit. Honestly, that’s why when I’m not working, I just love something that has some stretch—I mean, more lycra, more spandex! Lifestyle now is about being comfortable but still chic, finding those spaces where you can feel really cozy, like a good oversize hoodie I feel safe in, and it still feels luxurious.”

Pieces from the Ivy Park line can be purchased online or at Nordstrom.

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