Laverne Cox is speaking out about filters.

Lavere Cox
credit: Instagram

The seriously talented Laverne Cox has been dealing with heinous rumors of a nose job left and right after posting a few pics to Snapchat. But the OITNB actress put those rumors to rest once and for all when she wrote this, along with the below picture, on Instagram:

“For everyone who thinks I had a nose job, the surgeon is snapchat. The first photo has #nofilter. The second has the #snapchat beauty filter. I try to love, embrace and accept myself everyday, filter or no filter, make up or no makeup, weave or no weave. Filters are fun but they are no substitute for me waking up, looking in the mirror and seeing the unfiltered me as beautiful and worthy of acceptance and love”

credit: Instagram

While we can certainly see a difference in the photos, we definitely don’t understand the need to call Laverne out or to make her explain her use of filters. After all, when was the last time we asked anyone else to explain their Snapchat filters? Ridiculous

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Not to mention that we love how Laverne took this opportunity to teach everyone a very valuable lesson: that no matter how much you alter your looks on social media, there is no replacing your true beauty.

Cheesy? A bit. But we happen to like the cheese.

Laverne Cox is currently preparing for her role in the new TV series Doubt and her starring role in the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show will air later this year.

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